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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lieberman getting tired of the libs that tried to stab him in the back!

It is about time he started to get really angry with the people on the left, and tell them exactly how it is they are ruining this country. They seem not to believe it, but it was Lieberman who was trashed by his own party in the last election, lost the primary, and won the general election as an independent! The Dems left him for dead, yet he managed to survive their attacks! Now, he is telling them how it is, and they do not like it one bit! He is no longer a member of their party, so none of the people on the left care what he has to say. But they just might! If the Democrats are not careful, they could really hurt themselves with this one. I would keep Lieberman as a friend if I were the libs, but they are not as bright as most of us, so they will screw it up once again!

Here is an article on the story!!!

Lieberman escalates attack on Iraq critics ..>..>
July 31, 2007
Ever since Connecticut Democrats refused to back him for a fourth term in Congress, Joe Lieberman has been burnishing his independent credentials in the narrowly divided Senate while becoming increasingly critical of the Democratic Party on the war in Iraq.

Lieberman, the Democrats' 2000 vice presidential nominee, insists he is not actively considering joining the Republican Party. But he is keeping that possibility wide open as his disenchantment grows with Democratic leaders. The main sticking points are their attempts to end the war in Iraq and their hesitation to take a harder line against Iran.

"I think either [Democrats] are, in my opinion, respectfully, naïve in thinking we can somehow defeat this enemy with talk, or they're simply hesitant to use American power, including military power," Lieberman said in a wide-ranging interview with The Hill.

"There is a very strong group within the party that I think doesn't take the threat of Islamist terrorism seriously enough."

Lieberman says he is annoyed by the mudslinging on Capitol Hill and Democrats' unwillingness to work with President Bush. But his critics say he has contributed to that polarization by his rhetoric and refusal to compel Bush to find a new way forward in Iraq.

As Lieberman sees it, however, the Democratic Party has slipped away from its "most important and successful times" of the middle of last century, where it was tough on Communism and progressive on domestic policy.

"I fear that some people take this position also because anything President Bush is for, they'll be against, and that's wrong," said Lieberman, a staunch advocate of the war. "There's a great tradition in our history of partisanship generally receding when it comes to foreign policy. But for the moment we've lost that."

Even though he did not reclaim his Senate seat as a Democrat, Lieberman has been instrumental in two bills this Congress central to the 2006 Democratic campaign platform: an ethics and lobbying overhaul bill and a measure to implement recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 bill cleared Congress last week, and the ethics bill could win final approval this week before lawmakers adjourn for August recess.

But if Lieberman seems blunt about the direction of the Democratic Party, it may stem from his loss last August in the primaries to businessman Ned Lamont, who wooed Democratic voters with his anti-war platform. Lieberman calls his ensuing victory in the general election as an independent "inspiring." And remaining an independent has freed him to repeatedly buck the Democratic leadership on foreign policy and other legislative issues.

"Now that he knows he can win as an independent, he doesn't need the Democrats at all," said Kenneth Dautrich, a professor of public policy at the University of Connecticut. "I think it's absolutely emboldened him."

Lieberman was the only non-Republican in June to vote against Democratic efforts to pass a resolution expressing no confidence on embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He has no plans to endorse a Democrat for president, including the senior senator from his home state, Christopher Dodd, and is open to backing a Republican candidate for president. Lieberman also startled Democrats when he lent his support to the re-election bid of Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a top target of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

During this month's Iraq debate, Lieberman was working behind the scenes strategizing with Republicans and was front-and-center in several GOP press conferences denouncing Democratic tactics to push for an end to the war.

Lieberman was the lone non-Republican to vote against Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) efforts to shut down debate on an amendment to bring troops home by next April. (Reid voted against the cloture motion to file a similar motion at a later time.) Lieberman was also alone when he joined 40 Republicans in voting to kill an amendment by Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) to extend the time between troop deployments in Iraq.

"I'm disappointed that I am in so small a minority among Senate Democrats in taking the position that I have," Lieberman said.

But even as he has played a key role on some of their top domestic initiatives, Democrats have at times kept their distance from Lieberman. Last week, for instance, Reid held a press conference with several Democrats to tout their efforts to pass the 9/11 Commission bill and a homeland-security spending plan. Lieberman, the lead Senate negotiator on the measure and chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, was conspicuously absent.

Reid said it was not intentional to leave Lieberman out of the press conference, but Lieberman said not being invited was "surprising."

The distance that Democratic leaders appear to be keeping from Lieberman could result from the animosity that the Democrats' anti-war base has directed toward him. That criticism intensified even more last month, when he suggested military intervention against the Iranian government.

"He used to have a heart and soul, and he used to care about people," said Leslie Angeline, an activist with the anti-war group Code Pink, who held a 24-day hunger strike until she could meet with Lieberman about his position on Iran.
Angeline is facing an unlawful entry charge after she refused to leave Lieberman's office during her strike.

Even though Lieberman has become a lightning rod on the left, his prominent chairmanship and influence within the Democratic caucus is safe, for now, given the Democrats' razor-thin majority. Analysts say if Democrats increase their Senate majority from the 2008 elections, Lieberman's influence and role could be marginalized within the caucus.

Still, Lieberman is unfazed and says he has no intention of formally rejoining the Democratic Party.

"For now, I find being an independent more fun," Lieberman said. "The partisanship in this place is out of control. As an independent I've got the opportunity to speak out against that."


Excerpts from The Hill's interview with Sen. Lieberman

The Hill: How long do you see U.S. troops staying in Iraq?

Lieberman: I think some troops will be there for quite a while to secure the country, particularly from external threats. Look, I hope that this surge, which has always intended to be temporary, gets to a point sometime next year where it has succeeded enough in quelling the sectarian violence, particularly so that some of the troops that were part of the surge begin to come home. But my direct answer is that there is no explicit answer. The answer is that the troops will come home when the mission is completed.

The Hill: Obviously, a lot of Democrats don't feel that way.

Lieberman: I've noticed that.

The Hill: How dissatisfied are you with you right now with the way this debate has been handled in the Senate, especially during the defense authorization bill debate?

Lieberman: I'm disappointed that I am in so small a minority among Senate Democrats in taking the position that I have. While I obviously understand and respect that Iraq is a difficult issue, and people take different points of views, I'm surprised and disappointed that the split has followed partisan lines so much. It shouldn't be.

The Hill: Some of this criticism might seem surprising from someone who was the vice presidential nominee seven years ago. How far away from the Democratic Party do you see yourself right now?

Lieberman: Right now, certainly on Iraq, to some extent on some other foreign policy issues, like how do we confront Iran, how do we contain Iran, how do we deal with what that threat represents in the Middle East. To some extent on some defense issues, I have disagreements with most Democrats. But I agree with most Democrats on a lot of other issues, and a lot of domestic issues particularly.

The Hill: Are you open to switching parties and becoming a Republican?

Lieberman: I have no interest or desire in doing that. I wouldn't foreclose it as a possibility, but I hope that I don't reach that point.

The Hill: What would drive you over to that point?

Lieberman: Well, I guess I'd know it. It's like Justice [Potter] Stewart and his definition of obscenity: he couldn't define it but he'd know when he saw it. I think I'll know it when I feel it, but I hope I never get to that point.

Lieberman is a good man. I do not agree with him on everything, but I sure do agree with him when it comes to the war effort, and especially the Iranian problem that no one in Washington wants to even talk about. Obama says he wants to talk to them and work it out! Hillary says that is crazy, but only because of the way she was asked the question! She has learned a lot from her husband, I can see that!

Just because people can spin questions, does not mean that people will fall for it all the time. We all know Hillary would not launch one missle at Iran until after they sat down for weeks and weeks and tried to work out a "comprimise"! The only compromise that the Iranians want is for us to give up so they have an easier time killing us all!

Lieberman is right on the money. I hope he does join the Republicans, if for nothing else...just to piss the libs off one more time!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Some of you may or may not have known, but I have been working very hard over the past many months on a book. The book is about Conservatism in this country today, battling liberalism, and understanding it. The purpose is for people who do not know much about politics, or for people that do not care, to have something they can use as a reference, to make sure the left in this country does not pull a fast one on them.

I have finally completed the book, and I am currently trying to find a literary agent to get it published for me. If that does not work, then I will have to get it done myself. Yes, the first way would be easier, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I figured I would post this blog here because I suppose about 3 people read it anyway, if that, so not to many people will even care that I have written a book. Tom may, thats about it!!! LOL

If anyone of you would like to read the first chapter and give me your feedback, write to me at, or write me on my myspace page, and I will get that chapter out to you. The first 3 people who write me and want to read it get a copy free once it is published!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Is China Involved?

It seems that some Chinese weapons have made their way into Iraq and Afganistan, according to people in the Pentagon. Here is the full story...


This issue seems to be getting more interesting by the day, and that is why I always write about it. Maybe China did send the weapons to the insurgency thenselves, or maybe the Iranians sent them there for them. Who really knows, and I doubt the Cinese will ever give the United States a stright answer on the issue.

As I have said many times before, this situation will get a lot worse before it gets any better. The situation in Iraq is looking bleak, but look at what will happen if we leave like the Democrats want us to do. There is no way Iraq would ever make it through a conflict with Iran, if there even needs to be a conflict. They will be sitting ducks for an invasion, and the takeover will more than likely be very easy. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is because the Iranians will not take any crap from anyone, and they have shown that in their defiance to the United Nations and the world.

I do not believe they will go in their and try to make the country a better place to live. Why would they, all they want is the oil and money from the people of the country. Most of the things that the Democrats have said that Bush went their for, the Iranians will go their for once we pull out. They are playing the waiting game, and they are winning. As long as there are people in this country that say we have no chance of winning this war, then the Iranians will just sit back and wait for this country to implode.

They see us fighting on a daily basis, and they see the decent from people in our own government. Somehow I do not think this helps us one bit, but the other side would say that the war has hurt us far more than we could ever help the Iraqis. This is a bunch of crap, and all you people know it! You all know we have to be there, because if we leave they will fall to a regime that will make Saddam look like Mother Theresa. These people in Iran are sick and twisted, and are waiting for the right time to start WW3! Some of you do not see thi, because you are blinded by hate for the President. Yes, he has pissed me off too. But that does not mean we should leave because we all think we are doing things in the wrong way. We have to go and make them better. The President will not come out and give Iran an ultimatum, and it is hurting him day by day! When will he learn that the people will respect him more if he tells us what is really going on. I am sick of being the only person around here talking about the Iranian-Iraqi insurgency connect all the time. There is a connection, and it is the reason we are not doing well in Iraq. Some of you on the left may say it is because the President did not do a good job of planning, and that may be the case as well. But do not forget the fact that there are IRANIAN weapons inside that country.

As for China, I doubt they are doing it on purpose, but nothing would surprise me much.


Will you people please leave some sort of comments..please??? I should not have to beg like this. I may not be the most talented writer you people have ever read, but for God Sakes that does not mean you can not just leave a little comment once and a while. I have not had a comment in months on this page. I have teenagers who leave me intelligent comments on my myspace blog, so you people should not have to much trouble putting a few worlds together. I think if I do nothing else well I at least start some sort of conversation off here.

I swear...

If I have to listen to one more person from that Live Earth Concert tell me that I better save the planet I will scream. These people are driving me crazy. They tell me that I should conserve energy, yet they are the ones flying in on their private jets and driving in their expensive , gas guzzling limos! These people make me sick . They are doing nothing to to help their cause, all they are doing is pissing people with half a brain that can make a logical thought in their heads off!

Do any of you actually care what Madonna tells you that we should do? If you do, God bless you, because you will need his blessing, thats for sure. These people are all hypocrits. This is just another cause they feel like they have to get behind because they have money and influence over some people. Of course, the people they have influence over are brain dead morons who would believe that Elvis were still alive if Al Gore told them that he was! Maybe Al Gore should pay more attention to his son that seems to have real problems,instead of plowing America with the fear of something that is as made.

So, who played in this Live Earth thing anyway. I did not even feel like reading the article. I seen Madonna on TV, that was about it. There are a few bands that I listen to that played there, makes me think why I even listen to music anymore.

Why do people have to take these artists so seriously? They do not care about the planet! If they did, would they be doing have the stuff that they do on a daily basis? They would probably cut back on their driving and drive a hybrid everywhere they went. This is not happening. They may want you to think they do, but they do NOT! They fly in on their jets, then go to a concert to tell people like you and me we are bad people for owning an SUV. The music industry can shove it for all I care. I do not even care anymore about these low lifes! They complain their music is not selling...I wonder why people? Of course some of it has to do with illegal downlaoding, but a lot of it is because they want to make all their music political, and people do not want to hear that. If the people of this country wanted to listen to music that slammed the President and made fools of people who vote Republican, this music would be selling like crazy!

I am so sick of even hearing about these people, I can not even write a decent blog tonight. That really makes me mad! Hopefully I wil come back with something better the next time!!! Thank you all for reading!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th.......

This day has special meaning to many of us. It might be because we have someone we love in the military, or just because someone you have known has been in the military in the past, and you know the sacrifice they make for us all. On this day, I would like to put all differences aside and make sure I wish all of you a very Happy 4th.

We should never forget the sacrifices that the men and women of the military have made for this country, and they are #1 today, and in my book every single day! They keep us safe, and keep this country free. God Bless all the troops and their Families...and I thank you all for your sacrifices. It is not only the people who are on the front lines who sacrifice, it is also their families. Thank you all!!!!

Libby set free....sort of.....

President Bush followed his bases advice and comutted the prision sentence of Scooter Libby. He left inteact the fine and probation, but this was not good enought for the left who came out toally against it right off the bat. I should say the left was consistant on one thing, they did want Libby's head from the time he was convicted, and they did not let up.

There are some things that people neglect to understand when talking about the Libby case. I have heard at least 3 separate newscasts in the last few days explicitly say that Libby was sent to jail because he outed an agent of the government. NO HE DID NOT! What don't you people get about that. He did not out the agent. If you people have woken up, you would have known a long time ago that Richard Armatige actually outed that agent, not Libby. He gave the name after the reporters had already new, because Armatige told them. It is like talking to a bag of rocks when dealing with the libs anymore, like I would have more of a chance to get a wall to give me a educated discussion than anyone on the left. I do not know what to say. It amazes me that these people, that know nothing about what is going on, can make people believe he outed an agent! The Democrats tell us that the right runs the media, but if that were true I would not have heard what I heard on those newscasts, and that is the truth!

Second, and most importantly, I am really curious if anyone on the left gave a second thought to the pardon of Marc Rich, who obviously did something wrong, and even left the country to escape prosecution. It was not untill he gave a substantial amount of money to the Clintons did he come back to the country, and then was pardoned by the man he bought off. I am not going to go into what Marc Rich did, no one cares. But no one stood up and questioned Clintons Pardons, especially this one, when it sure as hell should have been questioned by the media, who is now saying that Bush pardoned him for some God aweful exuse of a reason! He pardoned the man because he did nothing wrong. The Federal Prosecutor investigating the leak of Plame's name took the investigation to far, and had sent lots of money doing so. He needed someones head for something, and he got it in Libby's testimony. The people on the left who are crying foul can cry foul somewhere else, because I do NOT want to hear you. You make yourselves sound like children that did not get their way, and it makes this country look like a bunch of damn fools! DEAL WITH IT!!

Lastly, I am sick and tired of hearing about how perjury is the worst crime anyone could commit and Libby should have never been pardoned for it. These people make me sick! I am tired of holding back on this. I am going to tell you how I feel, like I should have at the begining when I was going to. You want to know why I do not give a damn Libby was set free? It is because Clinton made everything ok to do, that is why. If anyone on the left has the nerve to say that Libby should go to jail, but Clinton had the right to keep the Presidency, then those people are so far out there they will probably never find the light of day. It is ok for a sitting President to lie, but not Libby. He should go to jail, and Clinton should be honored for all the crap he never did to make this country better? The people on the left are hypocrites. If you want Libby in jail, thats fine with me. Just send Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Madaline Albright, and Sandy Berger right along with him, because that is the only thing that would ever make it right.

And do not give me that he lied about sex, because that is the lamest exuse for comitting a crime I have ever heard. He lied, and nothing happened to him. I do not care what he lied about. He could have lied about taking a bath that morning for all I care. He was asked a question, under oath, and he lied. He knew he lied, and he did it to protect himself, knowing full well the people in this country are so stupid they would never ask for Impeachment and removal. Yeah, we got oe of those, but he should have been thrown out of office and charged with Perjury and Obstruction. No one one the left wants to acknowledge the facts in the case, and they never will. They want it one way for their side, and another way for their eneimies.

I am all about right and wrong, not about left and right. This has made me sick to my stomach. Let it die. Libby was pardoned, so what? Clinton pardoned himself when he associated with the people he did to get out of ever being charged with a crime. he should have been, once out of office, because you can not charge a sitting President, but that is beyond the point!

You people on the left want to make this a better country? You know what you have to do to do that? Start acting like Americans, not like some other kind of people that are better than American and can come and talk down to the people of this country and to other parties. You are not the party that will lead this country into bigger and better things, but you are the people that will ruin this country to the point of no return. You talk about the Bush Administration and how they have lied to the people, and how they are bad people. Give me a break! Your words are lost on the people with half a brain to make a reasonable assesment of what is going on. All the people that follow your lead do just that...FOLLOW! So get off your high horses and get some work done, like you promised the American people you would do but have not done yet. You have lied to the American people also...You do NOT get a pass from me!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Is it just me or....

Is this world turning into something no one had ever even imagined it would become. After the recent terror attack, we see that there is evil in th world, and it is up to us to stop it in its tracks. Obviously, not every single attack can be stopped, as we have seen this weekend, but things must be done to protect the citizens of these nations that the terrorists consider "Evil".

I know what a few of you are saying to yourself, you have said it to me any time before. There is no evil in the world, don't kid yourself. I say what has happened this weekend shows that there is evil, and how evil that these people can be. You do not have to believe in a higher power to believe that there are people in this world that want to harm others. I do not what you people want to consider that, but I consider it evil. There is no way be can beat all of it. It has existed since the beiginning of time, and it will till the end. But there are ways we can protect ourselves, and the United States has done those things, even though the left considers Bush a War Criminal for it.

I am sick of hearing the left tell me that I am wrong for what I believe. I am sick of people in Washington tell me that I must be against this war, because if I am not I do not care about the troops that are there. Those troops are there fighting so we do not have to deal with car bombs going off every single day. The people that believe we are fighting in vain are clueless to the facts of why we fight and where we fight! Clinton and the people like her are not the ones that should tell me how to feel about what is going on in this world today, because if she was leading the free world, we would be in more trouble than we are now.

Do you think she will fight the nemy where we are, or wait for them to come to us again? I think we all know the answer to that.

Someone on the left explain to me why we should bring our men and women home before we win, and I will tell you why you people are traitors to the people who are fighting. Do you want the subway that your children are riding on one day to blow up because some nutt case from the Middle East believes we are the worst of the worst in the world? How about a dirty bomb going off in a college? These things can happen, and they will if we do not show our might in the world to the people who hate us the most. That is not being a war monger, that is being realistic!

Or we can just bring our troops home, give up, and show the world we are weak, just as we did in Vietnam. It is up to you, people on the left, on which side you will be on! Yes, my words in this blog will probably get under the skin of some of you, but I only tell the truth. The truth hurts those who have not found it!

What Happens when...

We have a country, led by the worst of the worst, and we want to get something done? I don't know people, come on! This imigration issue has been killed in the Senate, but I am telling you right now they never should have stopped trying to get a bill passed through to the President. The people that are right minded people, the ones that know the people that were for the Senate Immigration Bill were out of theuir minds, should have brought up their own bill. No, it would have never made it anywhere, but what does that matter?

When the Senate Bill was killed the first time, we were told that we should not speak our minds and tell our Representatives what we think, because obviously they know more about what we want than we actually do. Then, just to try and rip the American people a new one, brought the bill back from the dead, and tried to get it passed again! This aggravates me more than anything, and it should to you, also! Our Senate did not go back to their states and ask the people what they wanted, they brought the same bill, with a few minor changes, back to the floor to try and pull a fast one on the people of this country. A people, mind you, that wanted nothing to do with this bill and wanted more than anything to deal with the border security side of it first.

So, in bringing back the bill, the Senate pretty much told us that our opinion does not matter at all, and they know what is best. I tell the Senate that they never know what is best for the people, and they do not represent the people any longer. They represent the interest groups that fund their campaigns more than the people. Our founders are rolling in their graves right now. If they are looking down on us, they are seeing their Republic taken advantage of by people with loads of cash to spend, on both sides. How else can you explain a President that ran on being a Conservative promoting a bill with Ted Kennedy? The guy is either that stupid, or he believes something way more than he is letting on.

I am sick of the Congress not listening to the people of this nation. Not one of these people who are in Congress right now (except for a few number) should ever be voted back into office when their terms expire. These men are crooks, and have taken the Congress to new lows with their Globalist attitudes they try to pass on as the norm to the people of this country. Their thinking is NOT the norm. We, the people of this great country, do NOT want illegals coming over our borders, no matter what we are called in return. Yes, you can call all of us racists and bigots, but you all knowwe are not. We want to protect this country from something the elitists in power throughout this country want to lead us to. The people on the left, who are by far the most in favor of these immigration tactics, have lost their minds more than anyone here on the right will ever know. They have sold themselves and their country down the river, and it was only people like me who had the balls to stand up and say we do not want this bill, we want nothing like it at all!!!

We told the Congress we want them to work on the security of our borders. The left has no drive to do anything of the sort, and the right are to caught up with who is running for President, they probably do not even know what is going on. If every single republican would have come out against this Bill, they would have no worries in 2008. They would have won by a landslide everywhere. But they feel their Globalist agendas are more important then the people who elect them, so they should be thrown out on their butts. The people in Mass. should send Kennedy and Kerry back home. They would do more good selling t-shirts outside a Red Sox game than they are in the Senate right now! That goes for most of the people in Congress. They have felt the power, and they do not want to let it go.

The right is also afraid that if these illegals are made citizens, and are allowed to vote, they will go hugly Democratic. That should not even be an issue, since they are illegals and should be sent packing. We have no balls in this country anymore, especially the left. They are all for helping out the little guy at everyone elses expence, not realizing the ramifications. I thought these people were crazy...I was wrong....THEY HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS to the point there is nothing that will help them.

The people have spoken on the immigration bill, and it has been killed. Now the people have to speak even louder and tell Congress what we want done! We must tell them we want security on our borders. Tell Mr. Bush that WE elected him, and he must srerve us, or just leave now...we do not need your garbage talk about Globalization and a E.U. type state. We are AMERICANS and that is all I will ever be, I do not know about the rest of you. Take the power away from these crooks, before they get even more powerful. Vote the scums out of office, and tell them on their way out they betrayed us! They are not good enough to serve the people of this country, and they will never be!


According to those who were witness to the car bomb that went off over the weekend, one of the suicide bombers was set a blaze, and when the police tried to aprehend him, he fought back, throwing punches and screaming "Allah, Allah". Here is the article...


The terror threat in England has been raised, and the people are on high alert. This is something we should get used to happening in our world, with the terrorists running around like they run the world. Of course, they would love to, b ut I guess we are here to stop them. But sometimes, it is too late, and the good guys lose, like they did in Scotland over the weekend.

Of course we can not stop every attack, and they cannot as well. But I would like to reitterate what I said in an earlier blog that doing nothing would be far worse than doing the things we are doing right now. People do not agree with the Patriot Act, but it has worked. Peope believe the war in Iraq is immoral and wrong, but it has been a valiant effort by our men and women who believe in the cause of making this a safer world.

I have been getting the feeling that people want to take out what is happeing in Iraq out on the people who support the war. Let me explain my position again, because it seems to be lost on most.

I am for the war in Iraq, it should have been fought, and we needed to be there to make the region safer and also the rest of the world. Saddam with a nuke, or even trying to get a nuke, was unexceptable. The United States and its Allies were within the bounds of International Law when they went to war in Iraq, that is not arguable. They broke U.N. Resolution after U.N. Resolution telling them to disarm, but yet they would not let the people in to check, so how could we ever know they disarmed? I know you people on the left love the U.N. but they are not the all powerful in this world. They are nothing to me. And they even knew Saddam was trying to get WMD's, and even said so before the invasion. So did most in the Democratic Party! Yes, the ones that are know saying they were fooled by a man who they also called "stupid".

What does that make you if you were fooled by a "stupid" man?

The truth is there has to be something done about the people who want to carry out attacks in this country. The first thing is to close off the border with Mexico. I know I have been killing this point, and people are probably getting annoyed, but that does not take away from the importance of it, or I would not write about it all the time. I want you people to get it, that illegal immigration not only hurts the laws we have to protect each American, it hurts ALL Americans in a way that we will feel when the first car bomb goes off in this country. Some of you are blind to that fact, and do not want to hear it. You believe that you can just talk to most people, and they will go away. I have even heard people say it is our fault because of our foriegn policy, and that we should change. You people that want to change for the terrorists are not helping anyone in this country with your crap.

And the problems continues, with no solution by the people that say that are in power to protect us. Yes, the Bush Administration has done things that are good. But there are things they are doing that will reverse the course of what they put us on in the beginning. I believe it has everything to do with their Globalists agendas, and how they feel they world should look. But their views will go no where if we must also deal with the terrorists coming over the border. I am going to harp on this issue until something is done about it...until the people tell their Congressmen that the people want something done NOW!!! We do not want to wait for the 2008 elections to be held..why would we wait? The car bombs will be going off in America soon enough if we do not do something about the immigration policy in this country. We should know who is here, and if they are illegal, we should get them out. If they wan to come back, that is fine. They MUST do it the right way. Why must we give special treatment to those who have broken the law? If someone commited a crime, would we let them go, telling them that as long as you are a good citizen, then you can go on your way?

This topic really annoys me, because the people in power KNOW what the people want, but will not give us what we want. Their agendas are more important..and the fight continues on!

When we talk about the security of this nation, nothing should be spared. We should spare no expense in protecting the people. Term limits should be imposed on ALL of Congress, and that ill make them know that they are not there forever, and in turn possibly make them think a little clearer. That is not all that must be done. We must also make known that the PEOPLE run this country, and we elect the people to represent us as we see fit. We have to put away our party affiliation for a minute and look for what wil make this country stronger, and that is no one that is leading us today. The Reagan Conservatives are waiting for the next Reagan, but do not know if he will ever come. We are hopeful...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just a little rant....

Wow, I haven't used that one in a That is really all I do here is rant about what I believe is right and what should happen to and in this country. people may not agree with me, most do not. But that is far beyond the point. That is what political battles on myspace is all about. Arguing and fighting to get your point across, even though you know the other person may not care. That is what I do here.

I know I have said this before, and I will say it again I am sure....Democrats are out to ruin this country and everything it stands for. I believe, deep down in my heart, that they could care less about the people who are in this nation and more about the world at large. That is why you will always here someone from the left say that we should listen to the world before we do anything that may effect the tiniest little thing in the world. Yes, and that means Global Warming. I know I keep bringing this up, but there are a few things that I will bring up until the 2008 election has passed, and that is one of them. Why you may ask? I believe that Al Gore, sooner or later, is going to find his oppertunity to jump into this race for President and give a second chance at being President. There is no way he will play second chair to Hillary, there is no chance of that happening. But the other way around, that is a possibility. Another Gore/Clinton Ticket is what the Democrats would love the most. You would see the news media go crazy over it.

On the Republican side, Fred Thompson, in a Rassmusen Poll has caught up to Rudy in the Republican polls. This man is amazing. If he stays around long enough to put a run together, it is over. The man will win the nomination. This is something the Republicans really needed right now, someone they can get behind that is a Reagan Conservative. I always like to talk about the nominations, and what will happen in the races, I am sure you know that if you have been reading my blog for a while. For the first part of the year, I was strongly behind Mitt Romney, but now, there is no denying the force that is coming with Fred Thompson. If he is the Republican nod, he will NOT be one of those that pick Rudy or even McCain to be his running mate. There is no way he would pick a Liberal like one of those guys to go the distance with. And since I believe that the issue of Republicans not putting up a women may come into the debate at some point, I believe he would pick someone like Rice to be his running mate. Now, I am not saying it would be her, but someone like her. A women that people may or may not know to much about, but would repsect the way they speak, as people do when Thompson speaks to a group.

But who knows, I could be totally wrong again. I mean, I was behind a man for President that I thought I knew, but was fooled after watching some debates and listening to him speak a few times. It is so early in the process, no one really knows what can happen. A story could come out that could push Obama to the top, and it would totally ruin everything I have written about here tonight. People in this country love to look ahead, and especially me this time. I do not know why that that is really. I would guess it is because I am so sick and tired of the Bush Presidency, sometimes it makes me sick.

The Democrats will come with the fight of a lifetime this time around ladies and gentlemen. If you thought the election of 2000 was bad, this one may be even worse. Barring some wierd turn of events, Hillary will win the nomination and do anything she can to win the White House, and ultimatly put her Husband into a position of power somewhere in the world community. That is what scares the hell out of Conservatives. A man that should have been thrown out of office, or at least resigned his office, may one day have more power than anyone could have ever imagined.

Am I talking crazy, or am I right on the money with this one? You tell me when the last time you seen someone from the left talk bad on the Clintons, and did not pay for what they have said. These people could be the most powerful family in the country, maybe even the world, if they are let back into the White House for another go around to ruin this nation at a time when we are most vulnerable. Take my words for what they are worth, but remember what happened the last time we had a Clinton in the White House....Sex Scandles, illegal campaign contributions, lying under oath and committing obsruction of justice, undercutting the military by cutting their funding, giving the American people the HIGHEST tax increase this country has ever seen, letting Bin Laden go because of the "Rule of Law" ( as if Bin Laden has ever heard of such a thing). Just remeber those things when your Liberal buddies say Hillary is the way to go!